• Broadacre

    Detect individual weeds down to a few centimeters for targeted herbicide applications.
    Combined with a modern spray rig this data could save you anywhere between 60 – 90% of the cost of the chemical.
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    From Fallow to Harvest, StevTech works with you.
    Advanced Tech. Simple Solutions.

Cotton Management at Emergence

Health McWirther from SummmitAg talks about how drones helped him make decisions.
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Stratus Imaging is the Australian distributor of Taranis services. StevTech works closely with Stratus imaging in Eastern Australia.

Introducing our partners...

"Taranis precision agriculture technology enable growers to generate precise insights directly from the field, down to a single insect on a leaf."

Advanced Tech. Simple Solutions.


Weed Detection saves time and money.
Spot spray.
Save time. Save Chemical. 
A worthwhile investment.
Case Study- Fallow Weed Detection
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Establishment Surveys

Plant density and size information to support decisions for replanting. 

Detect insects and respond quicker at this vulnerable stage of the crop cycle.

Make decisions to act earlier in the season.

Reap a better outcome in yield and quality at the end of the season.

Case Study- Cotton
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In Crop

Data gathering.

Gather insights into your farm. Make decisions based on data

Case Study- Corn
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Monitoring and Trials

Efficient team and timely delivery.

Increase your capacity to support your growers.

Case Study- Sugarcane
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Efficient team and timely delivery.
Maximise the use of yield data.
Match your inputs with your outputs.
Plan for next years crop.
Case Study- Wheat
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