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Our Services are Designed to increase the Precision and Productivity of Australian Farms.

  • Do you feel like advances in agricultural technology should be saving you money but you just can’t apply them to your operation?
  • Are you concerned that if you try and apply tech to your operation that you might be wasting your money?
  • Are you an irrigator and want to save water and maximise the amount of growth you get from your water?

If any of these apply, please make contact with us immediately for a chat about how your operation could harness the dramatic advances happening in agricultural technology.

Agricultural Drones

Our team of professionals

Tristan Steventon

Director & Founder

Since leaving the family farm has spent almost two decades in the military.

He is back home and energised to collaborate with farmers and agronomists to increase the precision and productivity of Australian farms.

Having worked with the most high tech UAVs and sensors available on the planet he understands their true utility is in their ability to enhance timely and accurate decision making.

Anthony Steventon


As a career farmer, Anthony knows what works and what doesn’t.

He brings local knowledge, subject matter expertise on a broad range of farming issues and an ability to ensure StevTech remains wedded to concepts and ideas that are immediately practical and will benefit the farmers bottom line.

Reanna Steventon


With a background in insurance and policy law, Reanna brings a depth of knowledge of risk management, the policy implications of emerging technologies and an enthusiasm to embed StevTech within the local community.

Peter Jackson

Remote Pilot

With 15 years experience in the aviation industry both civil and military, he understands the importance of delivering accurate information for decision making. Pete is a young and enthusiastic drone pilot who is determined to get the job done. His cross-industry experience is of great value to StevTech.

Geoff Joyce

Remote Pilot

With a background crossing various industries Geoff is passionate about what drones bring to organisations in terms of cost savings and increased productivity. Geoff also works as a drone instructor with the well known and highly reputable Institute for Drone Technology. Geoff brings a wealth of cross-industry drone experience to StevTech and works with Stevtech in a contracting capacity.

Suzie Hill
Suzie Hill

Operations Manager

Suzanne has worked in the Healthcare Industry for over 20 years, 15 years as a Radiographer. She has extensive experience in Computed Tomography Imaging, thus understands complex imaging systems from data acquisition and post processing, through to the dissemination of information that enables effective and timely decision making. She also has proven experience developing and implementing new services into regional Australia and Internationally.

Why is this important? She has worked extensively in an industry that bases their decisions around the data and information she produces.

Suzie is excited about her new direction in the agriculture industry, enabling her to live, work and positively impact her local community and regional Australia.

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