Watch this presentation given by Tristan at the GATE Demo Day in 2018. The topic is 'Decision Agriculture'. Watch the video to learn more about what 'Decision Agriculture' is and how it can help you on your farm.
16.11.18 04:05 PM - Comment(s)
With the use of drones increasing as an important adjunct to farm management, more people are enrolling in an accredited course from which they will qualify to operate drones in a professional manner.
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"As a commander of men in harm's way, you need the most accurate information possible and, that's the same for farmers and their crops."
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Most farmers I go out and see have drones of their own – the vast majority also crash their drones. Farmers are aware that drones are going to be making life cheaper and easier, but they’re just not aware exactly how that’s going to work.
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Australian entrepreneurs are hard at work developing new technology that could save farmers billions of dollars.
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Parkes Shire Council took training of its employees to new heights last week. Staff from a number of council departments were at Northparkes Oval for instruction on piloting high tech drones.
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Identifying the variation in the establishment is a powerful first step in actively managing a crop.
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