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Will you work with my agronomist?

StevTech will not only work with your agronomist, we will make their work easier and more precise. They will be able to use our geo-referenced images to instantly find all the problem areas within a crop allowing them to spend their valuable time diagnosing the issue and determining a solution.

Can I contact StevTech for advice?

Most definitely. StevTech aims to make precision agricultural techniques such as NDVI mapping accessible. Call or email and we can discuss your particular circumstances and help you figure out if our service will be suitable for your operation.

Will you be offering more services in the future?

Yes. NDVI and Variable Rate Mapping is only the beginning. StevTech is looking into other sensors and platforms suitable for agricultural purposes as well as the options for precise aerial payload delivery.

How can I get started?
Contact StevTech for a chat. We will come out to you and take you through our capabilities in person. We will tailor our services around your land, equipment, time and budget.
What is Precision Agriculture?
Chances are you are already into precision agriculture if you are using GPS guided tractors, headers and other implements. StevTech offers to extend and enhance these techniques further through the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), advanced sensors (multispectral cameras) and powerful software designed to create NDVI and Variable Rate Maps for agriculture. StevTech aims to take precision agriculture beyond just precision guidance on your farm.
Why should I use Precision Agriculture techniques on my farm?

NDVI Mapping gives you a predicted ‘yield map’ before it is too late to do anything about the problem areas. Your agronomist's solution to these problem areas can then be applied in a precise manner with the use of a variable rate map.

A variable rate map has the potential to save you a lot of money in chemical – or allow you to spread the same amount of chemical in larger concentrations where it is most needed, and not waste chemical on the areas that don’t need it. Our services are designed to increase the precision and productivity of Australian farms.

What is a variable rate map?
It is an electronic file that can be imputed directly into certain implements that allows a farmer or contractor to spread chemical at a variable rate. It is derived from an NDVI scan, and the hard work of your agronomist, and allows you to be absolutely precise in the application of chemicals such as phosphates, nitrates and lime etc. Most importantly, it has the potential to save you money and increase your yield.
What is crop health mapping?
Crop health mapping is another way of describing a Normalised Difference Vegetation Index Mapping (NDVI Map). It is a map of the health of your crop derived from conducting a scan of your crop with a StevTech UAV and putting that information through StevTech’s NDVI mapping software. It allows you to see in an instant where your crop is healthy and where it needs work. It picks up far more than the naked eye – a crop that looks perfectly healthy to the naked eye can often look more patchy on an NDVI map.



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