Cotton, Corn & Irrigated Crops

Stand Counts and Establishment Surveys


No matter how much money you throw at a crop, nothing is going to increase the number of plants in a crop once it is established.

Stand counts or establishment surveys allow you to replant cotton, contract plan corn with certainty, or simply treat different areas of your crop differently. Why spend the same amount of Nitrogen on areas with less plants?

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Side Dress Nitrogen Accurately

Scan a young crop and just compare the vigour of the plants (not the reflectance of the soil). Prescription side dressing has never been this accurate or easy – address crop variability early in the season.

Side Dress Nitrogen

Image on the left: non-filtered (variance in soil will contaminate map)

Image on the right: Filtered image removes soil from calculations. All reflectance values are based on plant matter alone (the only way to get a reflectance map from a crop before canopy closure).

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Disease & Pest Detection and rectification

Rapidly, accurately and precisely quantify any disease that is effecting the crop. Use the data to accurately target the disease or pest and save money in the process.

Pest Detection
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